Friday, March 4, 2011

Chipboard and Lesley Venable

Chipboard Tag Set Basic Supplies

  • Chipboard Pieces of Your Desired Sizes
  • Glue Stick
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Fibers in coordinating colors.
  • Glossy Accents – Crackle
  • Trim
  • Super Fine Glitter (to use as an accent)
  • Fluid Chalks (I like to use light pink, light brown, darker brown and yellow to blend together)
  • Rubber Stamp(s) of your choosing
  • Dimensional items to attach (not too heavy)
  • Scissors
  • Light Sanding Paper/cloth

Queen of heARTS Tag

Look at the images and try placing one in different ways on the heart. Once you have chosen the image and its placement use your glue stick to attach it to the front of your heart. Press it down to make sure that it adheres well.


Use your fluid chalks to add color around the edge of the heart blending it on the sides and top edge of the chipboard. Set aside. Color your crown using the fluid chalks and trim the crown if necessary. Place a drop of Glossy Accents on each point of the crown and then draw a heart with your glossy accents in the middle of the crown. Take your super fine glitter and shake over the top of your dots and heart. Set aside to dry (don’t press down on your Glossy Accents).


Using the fluid chalks color the top of a manila shipping tag or you can choose to cover it with a pretty scrapbook paper. If you cover it with scrapbook paper remember to punch out the hole at the top for fibers to go through. Be sure to cover both sides with either inking or paper.


Use your glue gun to place a bead of glue around the edge of your heart, place a few dots in the center and then place it on the tag and press down. Once the crown is dry, shake off the excess glitter and then determine where the crown will be positioned on the heart. Use hot glue to adhere it.

Add your fibers and your Queen of hearts tag is completed.

Cabinet Card Girls Tag


I turned the chipboard sideways and went to work.

Adhere the image to the chipboard with glue stick, cut around the edges and then take a light sandpaper to remove any of the paper that remains in the little nooks and crannies.

Use fluid chalks to add color and edging to the piece. Cover the back of the chipboard with a vintage paper or scrapbook paper or even another image.


Punch a hole through the top of the chipboard using a Crop-O-Dile or regular hole punch. Feed your ribbon through to hang.

Place a large dot of glue at the bottom of the tag and then press the ribbon into place.


Circus Tag

  • Carnival Backs 742
  • File Label Chipboard Pieces – 2 that match – flipped long ways.
  • Small Piece of Trim

I chose two images from the image sheet and after determining the proper placement glued them together, back to back, using my glue stick.

I aged and colored the chipboard using fluid chalks as well as a bit of the fine glitter.

The images there sandwiched between the two chipboard pieces and the pieces were glued together using glue stick. This was set aside to dry.

Once dry I punched a hole at the top of the chipboard for the hanger to go through. Then I placed that piece on a flat protected surface and I filled in over the image using the Glossy Accents Crackle medium. Allow this to completely dry before flipping it over and filling in over the image that is showing through on the other side.

Once both sides are dry I place the hanger and then using hot glue I attach the pieces of trim at the bottom of the tags.


All of these tags are super easy and they made great additions to any gifts you may be giving, as ornaments hung from a seasonal tree, or just adorning an armoire door or lamp switch. I hope you enjoy working with these beautiful images…they are stunning!!!

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