Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Technique Tuesday - Fusible Web Background

I have to admit that this came about when I couldn't find my stash of used dryer sheets.  While tearing apart the studio, I did come across a package of fusible web....the stuff that is used to bond fabric to fabric.  It looks a lot like a dryer sheet, and I know that it melts, so I thought it would work on the project I had in mind.....and it did!

 Materials Used:
  • light colored cardstock
  • piece of fusible web, same size as cardstock
  • colorant in spray form (I used Adirondack Color Wash)
  • embossing powder in contrasting color
  • heat tool
  • protective cover for your work surface
First of all, just attach the web to the cardstock with a few little dots of adhesive (tape works best).  You don't have to worry about getting it all adhered.....that will happen later.....you just want to keep in in position.
 Spray with color:
Sprinkle with embossing powder.  Use as much or little as you like.  Since I am doing this background for our orange and black challenge, I'm using black embossing powder over my orange colored fusible web.
Try to avoid big blobs of embossing powder (but if you get them you can remedy that with a brush).  You can even try for a design if you have a steady hand, but I was just going for an abstract look.  Next step, heat set the powder with your heat tool.  Not only will the embossing powder melt, but the fusible web will melt into the cardstock as well.   You can even create some holes deliberately by holding the tool over one area for a while.  This is one of those techniques that invites some experimenting.  It doesn't show up that well in photos, but the resulting texture is amazing!
As I said, I used some of this as the background for my entry in our orange and black challenge (click HERE see yesterday's post by Angie).  I made this tag:
The adorable Halloween-dressed kewpie can be found on sheet #695.  The tickets I used as a border are on sheet #799, and the witch in the crystal ball is on sheet #801.   I finished the tag with words made with my good old Dymo label maker.
Join in the challenge and/or try the technique.  Share on the PID yahoo group or FB page.   Have fun!
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5 friends said:

Jenxo said...

this looks so cool. it makes a great background. ive tried this before but instead of glueing it to the card stock, you can just iron it on and peel off backing, ready to paint or emboss...i love your color scheme too...

Anonymous said...

Very Cool Eileen!!!!! And I can see YOU wore rubber gloves!!! ;)

Angie Hall Haviland said...

Oh FUN Technique!! Thanks, Eileen!

Mel♥ said...

One of my fav techniques!!

2amscrapper said...

love that background and the images.