Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Technique Tuesday - Faux Colored Core Paper

I love that cardstock (that I won't name by brand) that has one color on the outside and another at the core.  When you emboss with it and sand down the raised areas,  the inner color  is exposed.  Great effect.  Not everyone has this paper, and sometimes you want a very specific color combination, so I decided to try my hand at creating a faux colored core paper.

You'll need cardstock in the color you want for your "core," paint for your outer color, a brush, an embossing folder (and a machine for embossing, of course), and a sanding tool (sanding block, file, emery board....whatever you like to use).
Cover the cardstock with your paint and let it dry completely.  Remember that the thicker you apply the paint the more sanding you will have to do later on.
When the paint is dry, place the cardstock in the embossing folder and run it through your machine.
Now it's time to sand.....remove as much or as little of the paint as you want.
I really think it closely resembles that pricey cardstock I was talking about, and it was done with supplies most of us already have at hand.
I used this background for my Halloween tag for the current challenge.  The theme is "charmed, I'm sure," and instead of making a piece of jewelry, I used my bottlecap charm to embellish the tag.
The PID shop has tons of great Halloween images, and I used some from sheets #797, 798, and 799.
Join in the fun.....enter the charm challenge or try this technique....or do both!   Remember there are many ways to share your art.  You can upload a photo on the yahoo group site or the FB page, or leave a comment here with a link to your work.
Have fun!
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6 friends said:

Tammy D said...

Eileen, Thanks for the really great technique. I am sure this is going to be very handy.

Anonymous said...

Amazing tip....thank you so much....

Anonymous said...

Oh I REALLY like that Eileen!!!!

Juliet A said...

I don't think it looks anything like that other cardstock (of which I have tons!) but I will say it has a vastly superior arty look. I will be using this technique!

TwoHeartsPath said...

How Awesome is That!! I have been wanting the core paper, but couldn't find it in my area. I will be able to use this technique with the supplies I already have!! Thanks so much for sharing!! I can't wait to try it!!

Mel♥ said...

PERFECT Eileen !!!