Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Technique Tuesday - Salted Backgrounds

I first used this technique many years ago when I was learning how to paint on silk.  I decided to see if it would work on paper, and it does and I think it looks great!

You'll need paper, of course.  I used watercolor paper because I love the texture and it stands up so well to wet techniques.   But there is no reason why you can't use regular cardstock, grungepaper, chipboard, or whatever else you have.  Just be aware of how your choice reacts with water.
Next, you'll need to color your paper, and you have to choose a medium that stays wet for a while.  I experimented with colorwash, glimmer mist, homemade mica spray, and pigment ink sprayed with water.
Then, the salt.....since I had all three in the house, I tried table salt, kosher salt (much coarser than table salt) and sea salt (about as coarse as kosher salt, but the grains are not as evenly sized).  I didn't see a big difference between the sea salt and kosher salt, but liked both better than the table salt.
The technique couldn't be easier.   Color the paper.  In the photo above, I used terra cotta colorwash (a Ranger product).  Sprinkle the paper with the salt and then LEAVE IT ALONE to dry.
When the paper is dry, use a piece of paper towel to rub off the salt.  It leaves behind a beautiful, pitted background.  Here are some of my results:
Glimmer Mist and table salt

Homemade mica spray and kosher salt

Pigment ink, rubbed on the paper then sprayed with water and sea salt

Color wash and a combination of all three salts

I used one sheet as the background for a birthday card I made for this week's "fabulous florals" challenge.  Another sheet became the flower I made to embellish the card.  The queen, of course, is Marie Antoinette, and Paper Imagery Designs has a TON of fabulous Marie images for you to use in your art.  I used one from sheet #734.

I hope you enjoyed this technique and will try it.  Post your results on our yahoo group or FB page.
Eileen Bellomo
Paper Imagery Designer

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8 friends said:

Penny Duncan Creations said...

Love that technique....It is a simple process but the impact is WONDERFUL!!!!

Dorothy said...

Very cool!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

All your samples are WONDERFUL, Eileen!!! Very FUN!!! Love the technique!

Mel♥ said...

Wonderful Eileen

Kerry said...

What a great technique! Will give it a try this afternoon - I've got lots of salt! Thanks for sharing.

minnie_mac said...

Love this technique, but haven't seen it with so many different salts before !


Jason said...

what a cool technique --when I am settled in South dakota I will have to try this.


c.louise said...

Love to play with paper and ink. Will try this with brown paper bags, ink and the salt and see what happens.