Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Technique Tuesday - Gesso Transfer

The new challenge theme is "fabric," and I decided to try a new (for me) technique for transferring one of PID's lovely images onto some fabric.
I love the look of transfers and though I've had mixed results with them, I have made it my mission to master the many transfer techniques there are to choose from.  This one turned out well, so I'm happy to share it with you.   This is what you need to gather together:

  • white gesso
  • light colored fabric (plain or very lightly patterned)
  • the PID image of your choice
  • a brush
  • (not shown) a spoon or bone folder or other burnishing device
Apply a coat of gesso to both the image and the area of the fabric where you want the transfer.
While both are still wet, press the image onto the gessoed fabric.  Using your burnishing tool, really work the image onto the fabric.  Start from the center and burnish outward.  Make sure it is well adhered with no edges peeling up.
Now comes the hardest part.....you have to set this aside and allow it to dry completely.  I just put it away to dry overnight and went on to other things.   Now that I think about it, I'm sure my past failures with transfers happened because I was in a rush and didn't allow for ample drying time.
Okay, so it's the next day.....bring your piece of fabric to the sink and holding it under water, with the paper facing you,  begin to GENTLY rub the paper off the fabric.  
Let the fabric dry.  If after drying you still see some of the white paper, just repeat the prior step.  Always rub gently.  Some of the image might come off, but I think that just adds to the vintage look.
I attached my fabric transfer onto some other fabric (and some colored paper towel!) with machine stitching and then used this to cover and completely alter a mini notebook.
Let us know if you try this technique, and show us how it turned out.  It's fun and it's easy, so give it a whirl!
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10 friends said:

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it Eileen!!!!!!

BLISS angels said...

Yhank you for the "how to" .I'm going to try it thanks

Wendy at Http://blissangels.blogspot.com

Angie Hall Haviland said...

OHHH That is NEAT, Eileen!! Never seen a gesso transfer...think I'll cross my fingers and give it a whirl!! looks FUN!! (I always have trouble waiting on things to dry too!!

Kerry said...

I've never seen this before and I'll definitely give it a try. Thanks so much. I'm a little impatient too, hard to wait for something to dry all the way!!

Nancy said...

Love this! I've used this technique with paper (after reminding myself to WAIT ... lol) but not with fabric. Am going to now!

jenny said...

What a wonderful technique Eileen, can't wait to give it a go :)

Tina Grimes said...

Can't wait to try this technique. I have tons of gesso so I can do lots of transfers this way. I'm always looking for a better transfer technique, as I just don't always have the best luck with them. Hope this is the ticket. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

oh i want to try this...
looks lovely the final creation.
be in touch
and thank you for sharing.
sweet blessings Eden

La Dolce Vita said...

i have used gesso tranfsers many times and they work as well as gel mediums what is pid?

One Woman's Thoughts said...

I'm excited to try this methos, I had copied pictures unto fabric a long time ago and couldn't remember the process. Thanks for sharing! Oh, like the last comment . . . what is pid?