Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Technique Tuesday - Embossing With Sticker Paper and A Mask

Welcome to Technique Tuesday!  Today we're going to create a beautiful embossed background right on sticker paper.  Usually we use pigment ink when we use embossing powder, but actually anything that the embossing powder will adhere to works....which is where the sticker paper comes in.  
(***TIP    Many craft stores sell sticker paper, but you can just go to the office supply store and go to the label section.  Get the kind that will create a full-sized 8 1/2 x 11" label.  That's all that sticker paper really is!)
Here is what you'll need:

sticker paper, two contrasting colors of embossing powder, a mask and a heat tool  (the dark blue paper is just there so you can see the mask better)
Lay the paper on your work surface and remove the protective backing so it is sticky side up.
Place your mask where you want it on the paper.  (You can use a purchased mask or create your own, which is what I did,  using my Big Kick, a piece of acetate, and an Eiffel Tower die).
Sprinkle the color of embossing powder that will be in the background all over the sticker paper, and tap off the excess.
Slowly remove the mask.  (You might find using a tweezers to grab a corner helpful).  
Heat the embossing powder with your heat tool until it melts.  
***IMPORTANT NOTE***  You MUST remove the mask before you use the heat tool, or it will most likely melt right along with the embossing powder.  Heat tools get very very hot!
Now, you have to wait until your piece cools off completely.  When it has, sprinkle your second color of embossing powder over top, making sure all of the masked section is covered.  Tap off the excess and emboss again with the heat tool.  (If you don't wait for the first embossing to cool, your second color will stick to the first.....big mess!)
That's all there is to it!  Easy and it makes for a unique and (I think) striking background.  I used mine to complete the new challenge -- postcard art.  If Alice's adventures took her to Paris, this might be what she sent home....
(Postcard front, images and words from PID sheet #740).
(Postcard back....created on the computer, and using the faux postage stamp technique from the last Technique Tuesday).

If you try this, and I hope you do, post your creations on the yahoo group or FB fan page....just remember to use a PID image in your work!
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usmc_honey said...

Very cool! Off to the office supply store... as soon as it opens.

Anonymous said...

Super idea, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Very nice technique Eileen!!!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

Very Neat, Eileen!!

Tammy D said...

Very cool idea Eileen. I'll have to give it a whirl.

Kerry said...

LOVE IT! I can see using this technique. It is wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

Jan said...

very cool technique and can't wait to give it a try :)