Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Technique Tuesday - Rubber Cement Resist

Welcome to Technique Tuesday!  Today we'll be using a very old office supply item -- rubber cement -- to create some really unique backgrounds.   This is what you'll need to get started:

  • light colored cardstock
  • rubber cement
  • 2-3 colors of ink
  • blending tool or cosmetic sponge
  • rubber stamp(s) with bold images (not detailed)
Since this week's challenge theme is "stars and stripes" I began by painting some stripes with the rubber cement.
I'm going for a rustic, vintage look in my finished project, so I wasn't trying for precision.  You can use a small paintbrush instead of the larger one that comes with the rubber cement if you want narrower or more even lines.    Now you have to wait for the rubber cement to dry completely.  When it is, using the lightest color ink and the blending tool, cover the entire paper.
See how the rubber cement resists the ink.  Now, using your finger, remove the dried rubber cement by rubbing gently.
As long as the rubber cement is really dry, it will come off easily.  So much for the stripes, now on to the stars.  Apply a light coating of rubber cement to the stamp and stamp wherever you like, going right over the stripes.
Again, you must wait until the cement has totally dried.   Then, using the next darker color of ink and the blending tool, cover the entire paper again.

Remove the rubber cement with your finger.  You can stop at this point or, using the darkest color ink and a complementary rubber stamp (in this case, a smaller star), continue the design. (Remove the rubber cement from the stamp the same way, by rubbing with your finger.  It will come off and won't harm your stamp.  Just be aware that it comes off most easily when the rubber cement is completely dry.)
My finished background:
I used this background to cover a mini notebook for the "stars and stripes" challenge:
The lovely lady is Delilah, and she can be found on PID sheet #705.  I added some ribbon on the side, a rub-on sentiment and a closure with star charms to finish the book cover.  

I also tried the rubber cement resist technique on glossy cardstock and used more vibrant colors.  Wouldn't this be great as the background for a patriotic piece:

We'd love to see what you can do with this technique!
Paper Imagery Designs
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2amscrapper said...

thanks so much for sharing this technique. great notebook cover

Penny Duncan Creations said...

I LOVE that technique!!!!!!! That looks SO cool!!!!! I will be putting that on my too try list!!!

Jason said...

ok how funny Eileen! I think we are sharing the same brain--scary right? last week I was playing with rubber cement and thought hmmm I bet this would be a great resist. but you seem to have beat me to it . . . posting it that is.


Mel♥ said...

Wonderful Eileen!!!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

So NEAT!! Thanks, Eileen!! :)

Kerry said...

I love this technique. Will definitely give this a try too! Thanks for sharing. KerryP

AlteredbyMe said...

Another great technique Eileen!

Lori said...

What? you mean I don't need to buy those special bottles of resist? lol This is really cool! Great background!