Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Technique Tuesday - Metal Embossing (If You Don't Have Metal)

Welcome to Technique Tuesday!
If you have a Cuttlebug or Big Shot, if you have an embossing folder or texture plate, if you have embossing tools,  metal embossing is easy.  You don't even need fancy craft store metal; you can cut up a soda can and use that.
But,  I know many of you are just starting out and might not have many tools or machines.  I believe there's always a way to at least get the look of something, even if you lack the traditional supplies.
Well, you do of course need some materials:

I've used a piece of heavy duty aluminum foil, double sided tape, glue, a piece of scrap cardboard, a chipboard shape (you can also use chipboard letters) scissors, and a paper stump.  The stump is the two ended tool that looks like a giant white crayon.  You can find it in most art supply or craft stores.  But if you don't have one or can't get one, wrap a bit of soft fabric around the end of a tapered object like a ball point pen (with point retracted), fasten with a rubber band and use that.  You'll see what  I mean as this tutorial continues.   I think a bone folder might work too.

Glue the chipboard to the cardboard.
Cover the cardboard....on the side with the chipboard shape.....with the double sided tape.  Remove the protective layer and attach the aluminum foil right over the cardboard and chipboard.  This is what it looks like on the back:

Trim away excess foil, leaving about 1/2" all around.  Also trip the corners and apply glue around the edges of the cardboard:
Fold the aluminum foil up over the glue and press down gently.  Now, flip the piece over to the side covered with the aluminum foil, and with your finger gently rub until you can see the outline of the chipboard taking shape.
Remember, this is just foil, so do be gentle so it doesn't rip.  Now, get your paper stump (or the substitute I described) and go around the image, refining it further.  You should get pretty good detail.
You can remove some of the wrinkles around the image by using the side of the stump instead of the point (or try a bone folder):

If you take a ballpoint pen with the point retracted, and work gently, you can create some texture without ripping the foil.  See the cross hatching and dots I've made this way:

You can leave your embossed metal as is:

Or give it an antique look by applying some black permanent ink or acrylic paint.  Dab on, wipe off:

My plan was to use this piece on a greeting card, which I did, but at the last minute decided to cut around the butterfly and discard the background.  Well,  sometimes plans change, and I believe in going with the flow.

So, here are two views of my finished card.  I continued the butterfly theme with some beautiful images from PID sheet #717, one of my favorites.

Now, you have no excuses not to join in this week's metal challenge!

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lisa said...

That is awesome!

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Yes another technique to play with. Love it!

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Great technique, thank you!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

FABULOUS, Eileen!! LOve it!!

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Wow that was worth the wait to see Eileen. Can't wait to try it out for myself