Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Technique Tuesday - Melted Crayon Embellishments

Welcome to Technique Tuesday.  Today's project is low cost, low tech, and gives you another great use for your iron.  All you need

is an iron, some crayon pieces, a craft knife (or any old knife you're no longer using for cutting food), a piece of wax paper, and something to protect your work surface (I use a non-stick, heat resistant craft mat).
Fold a piece of wax paper in half, and using the edge of the craft knife, start shaving the crayon onto one side of the wax paper.
You can do a color mix or stick to one or two colors, or even several shades of the same color.  You don't need to cover the wax paper completely; the crayon shavings will spread as they melt.  About this much is fine:
Now close up the wax paper on the fold, sandwiching the crayon shavings inside.
Place the wax paper on your protected work surface (if you don't have a craft mat, you can use an old towel), and then put a piece of paper towel or copy paper over the wax paper.  This is to protect your iron, and you could also just cover the iron with aluminum foil.
Using a medium high setting (no steam), begin ironing.
It won't take long for the crayons to melt.  Keep lifting the paper to check the progress.  Not quite there:
Not only have the crayons melted, but they have fused to both sides of the wax paper.  Some of the crayons have also melted onto the paper towel I had covering the wax paper...an added bonus, and I'll save it and use it in a future project:
But, back to the melted crayon wax paper.  Since it is all fused together in one piece, I can cut it to create some cool embellishments.  I took a piece I made with green and yellow crayons, and used a punch to cut out the bird, and a die to cut the flowers:
These melted crayon pieces are translucent.  You can still see the text under the flowers:
Which means that light shines through them, which makes them perfect for a stained glass look.  Here, I used dies with lots of cut outs, and cut them with black cardstock.  I glued some of the melted crayon wax paper on the back:
 Very pretty!  If you don't have any dies with cut outs you can get the same effect by using some small punches on black paper, or even free hand cutting with scissors.
For this week's challenge, "In The Garden," I used the wings I made and created this garden button fairy:
The little doll head looks like the real thing, but it is actually from one of the PID doll sheets, and I think it is just perfect for the project.
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8 friends said:

Anonymous said...

Great idea as always, thank you!

Mel♥ said...

Eileen its wonderful!!!

Frarin said...

I Love this idea... I have to try this one out !

Elaine A said...

Eileen...I love the wings on your button fairy. Looks so much like stain glass. So pretty.
Elaine Akers

Tammy D said...

Very cool. But you know, they don't let me play with Exacto knives! I wonder if a veggie peeler would work too?

Angie Hall Haviland said...

oh Eileen!! That is FUN!! I truely thought you were pulling out the glossy paper and alcohol inks for this Tech. Tue. FUN...you know I LOVE crayons!! :) Think I might try this technique on my dryer sheet based pieces too!!

Anonymous said...

Eileen, thanks for all your interesting and informative techniques! I love the stained glass effect...now I want to try a butterfly in black with crayon paper wings....

Sandi M said...

Fun! I thought it was going to be AI's behind the wings. What a cool surprise. Now, I'm wondering if there are some old crayons hanging out in my daughter's room because I have plans for them :)