Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Technique Tuesday - Faux Postage

Welcome to Technique Tuesday!  The weekly challenge is faux postage, and today I'm going to show you two easy ways to turn your favorite image into a faux postage stamp.

For version one, you'll start with a scrap of cardstock or light weight cardboard, a ruler, a pencil, small sharp scissors and a pair of decorative scissors with an edge that resembles the zig zag look of old fashioned postage stamps.
First, draw the shape (square or rectangle) you want for your stamp on the scrap.
Then, using the point of the sharp scissors, poke a hole in the center and then cut from that point to each corner.
You will now be able to fit the decorative scissors inside the shape and cut around, following the lines you drew.
You now have a stencil that can be used again and again.
To create your stamp, you'll need an ink pad and a cosmetic sponge or ink blending tool.
Place the stencil where you want the stamp on your work, and using the sponge, dab the ink to cover, making sure that you're getting the edges (the center won't show anyway).
Now get the image you want to use and cut it so that it is slightly smaller than your stencil.
For greater realism, you can add the value of your postage.
I thought it would be fun to make some pin-up postage stamps, and the PID shop has lots to choose from.  This one is from sheet #780
Here is how it looks on my finished piece, a postcard:
I did a second stamp in a different size (the caged bird is also on that sheet), and finished my postcard collage with images from sheet #627 (Paris).
Here I've done a whole page of stamps:
Aren't they fun?  What I like about this technique is that once you've made your stencil, you can use it again and again.  So make a few in a variety of sizes.
Another way to get the same effect is to simply cut a square or rectangle from a piece of paper with the decorative edge scissors, and then cut your selected image slightly smaller, using the regular edge scissors.
Now glue them together.
This version of the technique is great to use if you want to attach a faux stamp somewhere you can't fit a stencil.  There are other ways to achieve this look, but these two are, in my opinion, the easiest....unless of course, you're lucky enough to own a postage stamp punch or die.  

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Another great demo, thank you!

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FABULOUS, Eileen!!!

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