Monday, June 14, 2010

PID Summer Bingo ~ $100.00 in PRIZES !!

$100.00 in PRIZES to giveaway !!

Anyone up for a game of FB PID Summer Bingo!!
I will supply a list of 100 summer related words and everyone will send me a list of 20 words from the list and the first one to have ALL their words called WINS !!!

Everyday I will post either one of two words from that list!! Make sure you keep track of your words when they have all been called comment BINGO on this event page.

Full Card (1st one to yell BINGO)A collage sheet pack worth $50.00
2 Lines (2nd one to yell BINGO) A collage sheet pack worth $30.00
4 Corners (3rd person to yell BINGO) A collage Sheet pack worth $20.00

-Your word list must be sent in no later than Wednesday June 17th 2010 midnight EST send an email to or send me a FB message with your 20 words subject Summer Bingo
-Each day check the PID FB fan page status and this event page for the words called
-You must join this event group to be eligible to play
-You can only use words from the word list below.

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