Monday, May 17, 2010

Wear Me Challenge Art Quilt

Wear Me Challenge
Art Quilt
5 x 7
Arlene Mobley

First I want to thank everyone for their congratulations and well wishes on the birth of my newest granddaughter Addison. Addison is doing very well and will have surgery for her heart defects when she is between 4 and 6 months old. Thank you for all the prayers. She is doing much better then even the doctors expected.

With all that has been going on I haven't had much time to do any art work. And it has been driving me crazy as most of you can understand I am sure.

When Angie posted the Wear Me Challenge on the yahoo group last week I knew I wanted to use the Vintage Shoe Sheet # 766 .

The shoe images are so Marie Antoinette and I knew I wanted to use the image in a fabric piece. Now of course the shoe image is from a sheet of paper images and if you have been reading the PID blog at all you will have seen that I use these image sheets in a lot of fabric art. The quality of the laser sheets are excellent and you can convert any of the images into a fabric transfer with no problem. Trust me.......Even if you have never been able to do a fabric transfer before in your life you will be able to do a transfer with a PID image, Golden Soft Gel and a piece of fabric.

My art quilt is 5 x 7 and I start with a muslin base and add layers of fabric, lace and trims. Once I have my base sewn together and am happy with the placement of the focal image I will then sew on beads and some embellishments. Once the front is finished I then add a fabric backing with fusible webbing. Then a simple straight stich or a decorative stitch is sewn around the edges to finish it off.

Finished Quilt

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