Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bottle Cap Art by Angie Hall-Haviland

Oh the Possibilities of Bottle Caps as ART and in your ART. They are FAST and FUN to make!!
Here are some BASIC Instructions on how to make Bottle Cap ART....
Decide if you would like your bottle cap flattened or as is. When you flatten an unused bottle cap the out edges curl back. I flatten mine on a self healing mat with a rubber mallet (see here). You can also run them through your Sizzix machine.
Some bottle caps come with a plastic liner can leave it or remove it. I hit the inside plastic liner with the heat gun for a few seconds and pull it out with an oven mitt and small needle nose pliers. I use a circle punch to punch out a base (I use recycled manila folder--anything sturdy will do) and my image. Glue stick the image to the base. Glue the base into the bottle cap using a white craft glue. I use a bone folder to smooth my image down into the bottle cap and the image will come up the sides a bit. Let it dry (doesn't take long...about 10 minutes is fine).
Flower PinPhotobooth
There are many Bottle cap and small images to choose from at Paper Imagery Designs. Apply a top coat of Glossy Accents. Pop any bubbles that you may get with a straight pin and set aside to dry. Drying time will depend on your area. Here in Southeast Texas I leave them over night just to be sure. Bobby PinAlice’s Bottle
There are so many options for embellishing you Bottle Cap ART....
Options for topcoats~

  • Fragment (acrylic discs applied with Glossy Accents)
  • Clear packing tape
  • Brush on sealer
  • Two Part Epoxy Resin
  • or other dimensional clear coats on the market. or for a totally different approach flip the bottle cap over and collage on top of the bottle cap


Necklace Angie’s Nest

Additions Before the Topcoat~
  • Color your bottle cap with paint or Alcohol Inks
  • small clipped words on your image
  • glitter around the edge
  • seed beads glued around the edge
  • Transparency glued over your image with Glossy Accents

Cell Phone Charm Alice Twochies
Additions After the TopCoat~
  • Punch a hole at the bottom (awl or small nail and hammer) and add a charm or beaded dangle
  • add tiny rhinestones or dots of stickles to the edges
  • go around edges with stickles or glitter glue
How to use your Bottle Cap ART
Here are a few ways to use your Bottle Cap ART pieces in your ART and as ART...there are a lot more things to do with them out there I'm sure.
  • Necklace (add to an existing necklace or make your own)
  • Bobbie Pin
  • Bracelet or Cuff
  • Dangle or Zipper Pull
  • Cell Phone Charm
  • Magnet
  • Thumb Tack
  • Pin (stand alone or added to the center of a flower)
  • Bookmark or Book Thong
  • Belt Ring
  • on a Purse
  • Charms for Bracelets (tutorial)
  • on Fabric ART
  • on Mixed Media ART
  • on a Scrapbook page
  • Group Several together with wire or by gluing to a base to make a piece of mosaic like ART
 Dangle - Zipper PullCemetery Angels
Hope you'll Grab some bottle caps and have some FUN making ART with them. ~~Angie

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Susan said...

Angie, these are awesome! thanks so much for the time to share the tips and how to's :)!!!

Anonymous said...

Fun stuff, Angie! Once you start playing with these things, you can't stop!

Kerry said...

Thanks for the tips and info on how to! I have lots of bottlecaps sitting here waiting to be used! Thanks for sharing. Kerry P.

Dragonlady said...

Angie, I love all of your art using the bottle caps...Great work...very pretty...