Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekly Challenge --

The new Paper Imagery Designs weekly challenge theme is


I made a greeting card using the Collage Sheet #756 Robins Nest


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4 friends said:

Anonymous said...

Love it! In fact, I used the same image in mine!

Susan said...

I just ordered for the first time...when does my link have to be posted by? I hope I make it in time.

PS...PLEASE turn off word verification, it isn't necessary and a complete PITA

Mel♥ said...

HI Susan Thanks! You will have 2 weeks to complete your ART for the challenge and sign up for the mingle if you wish to trade/Mingle your ART. So the mingle partners for the April 5th Challenge will be announced on Monday, April 19th.

Also we use word verification to keep non-people from posting it happened a lot and we do not appreciate it thanks for your concern!! It's actually more for me a PITA to keep deleting porn and spam comments. :D


Susan said...

Moderation of posts is much easier for both you and your followers :)

Just a suggestion.

thanks for the info I'll get a card made as soon as my sheets arrive :)