Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Technique Tuesday - Stamping without Stamps, Part 3

This week's challenge theme, "nature's beauty,"  inspired me to use this week's technique.....and it is so simple, I think I first did it in grade school!   Go to your garden (or in my case, my window sill where my houseplants are) and find a leaf or two, preferably with nice veining.  Now that you're back at the computer, here are all the supplies you'll need:

  • cardstock
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brush
  • leaf or leaves  (if you don't have a garden, a friendly neighbor with a garden, a tree in front of your house, or a houseplant, just so you know.....a leaf from artificial flowers works too)
That's right....we're stamping with leaves!
Apply paint to the leaf.  Notice, I'm working on a craft sheet.  Protect your work surface; this can be messy!  I'm also wearing gloves.  I don't normally mind getting my hands inky or full of paint, but I was trying to save a recent manicure!
Press the painted leaf onto the cardstock.  Before re-painting, stamp with it again.  The second impression will be lighter, and give nice depth to your background.  Another thing you can do (I didn't here) is to use a second shade of your paint color in some places.
Now, here is my first try, and I don't like it!  But it made me realize that I should be using the underside of the leaf.....that's where you can really see the veins.  Anyway, this is the stamped image I don't care for:
And here is a completed part of my page, where I've stamped with the underside of the leaf.  Much better!
Notice that I've overlapped my stamping.  This gives the background a looser, more natural look.
I was stamping on textured cardstock.  Smooth paper will have a different effect.  The amount of paint you use will also determine what your stamped image looks like.    As I always say, experiment!  It's only paper, after all.
Cover the whole sheet of paper with your stamped leaf collage.  Later on you can select the parts you like and cut them to the size you want.  I decided to do a jumbo ATC.  Regular ATCs are always 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" and the jumbos are just a bit larger, 3" x 4".
I used elements from PID collage sheet #756 (bird, nest, and egg), and #634 (Liselle).  The caption was done with a label maker.
You may not have done this technique since you were in kindergarten, but it's not just for kids!  Give it a try and show us what you've done.  What other elements from nature can you stamp with?  Has anyone ever tried a feather?
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Dorothy said...

Very cool!!

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FABULOUS, Eileen!! One of my favorites....love to do this with flowers too :)

Mary-Beth said...

such a great tech Eileen, easy too!! lol

Kristen said...

what a clever idea! Maybe I'll use it to make my Mothers Day card :o) Thanks for the idea.

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Excellent Eileen!!

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Love this idea, Eileen!