Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Flattened Bottle Caps - The Sizzix Way

Fast and Easy way to flatten your bottle caps to make charms and so much more...

When you flatten an unused bottle cap the outter edges curl back. When flattening with a sizzix you must use the Multi purpose platform that is the bigger piece that has the Tabs 1 and 2. You also need to use both of the cutting pads those are the clear large plastic pieces.

Step 1 Place your bottle caps on the sizzix like shown.

Step 2 Place the second cutting pad on top of the bottle caps.

Step 3 Turn the dial

Step 4 Remove top cutting pad and VOILA!! Flatten Bottle Caps!!

Here is my Bottle Cap Charm nothing to write home about and only took about 5 minutes !

How To: I used the outside of the bottle cap not the inside ... cut a one inch circle and hat from Wonderland ATCs, Small image from Charlottes Head, "Sweet" from Word Sheet - Mod Podged it all down on a PID BottleCap. I used stickles along the inside edges because I love glitter. That's it a 5 minute Bottle Cap Charm.

Any ideas on what to do with it next ??

More coming.....................

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3 friends said:

paperqueen said...

I love flattening bottlecaps in my Big Kick too! The used ones sometimes come out a little wonky, but the new ones...perfect every time.
I don't know if I'd call your charm nothing to write home about. It may have only taken five minutes to do, but it looks great!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this idea. I hated pounding them and now it worked like a charm in my cuttlebug. Yeeha, i'm making more charms. Thanks again Cindy W.

Andrea W said...

That is brilliant! I want to go home and try that now! Thanks so much for sharing.