Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Alice In Wonderland ATC Swap

I have always loved Alice In Wonderland it’s such a fun movie. When the NEW Alice in Wonderland came into theaters I took my son out on a date to see it in 3-D! That was the best time ever, 3-D has changed a lot since I was a kid we had to wear the red and blue glasses now the glasses are real “sunglasses” very neat. My son who is six had the best time ever! 
So since I saw the movie I wanted to make some ATCs to reflect that movie and I made 4!
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum ATC using Dee & Dum, Chipboard ATCs and Wonderland ATCs. I used 2 sheets of the Wonderland ATCs and ripped them for the torn look. I really wanted to use or add some mini playing cards like in the Alice fables so I made some!! You can find them here Digi Mini Cards I also used Mixed-Up Stickers and cut out the letters I needed to make the words. 

IM LATE ATC - This piece was boat loads of fun. I again used Wonderland ATCs and the ATC chipboard base. The clock is from the Clock Transparency sheet. I am not one for using transparencies so we will have to have a Transparency 101 class on how to attach them. I had a hard time but did manage to learn about 10 different ways to do it. The hardest time was figuring out which way I preferred the best !! Anyway for attaching my transparency I stuck with my good ol Xyron machine :D YES I cheated but for this project it was best! Next up is the Black trim – I used white and colored it with a black ink pad! I sprayed it with a little bit of clear sealer for a bit of a sheen and ran it through my xyron. The rabbit is from Alice in Wonderland sheet, stickers are from Mixed-Up Stickers.

Off With Their Heads
Agh the Queen of Hearts one of my favorites :D … The base is from the chipboard atcs and yes you guessed Wonderland ATCs. The Queen is from Alice in Wonderland and of course you cant have a Queen without some red trim or a heart!! The Quote if from the Word Sheet and heart from my stash of goodies.

Drink Me - Another fun ATC with Mixed-Up Alice, Mushrooms, Sepia Bottles, and I needed some really small tags to fit for the bottle to say “Drink Me” but they are just so hard to find that small so I made some :D you can find here Mini Tags. The words are from sheet 740.

Now what am I going to do with these Alice ATCs?? Well how about a swap?
How to play in this swap: Make 4 ATCs get 4 back with a theme of Alice in Wonderland. All artwork must include at least one image from PID.You must join the Ning Group to play along.
Deadline: May 14th - Join us on Ning to play along and sign up here in this thread!!


As a bonus all ATCs in this swap will be entered into a contest for everyone to vote on. The winner will receive a $50.00 gift certificate to our collage sheets!!

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I love your Alice ATCs Mel! Now I just have to see if I have time to join in!