Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Technique Tuesday - Stamping without Stamps, Part 1

Welcome to Technique Tuesday!  Today's background combines three features I love:  it is quick, it is easy, and it is inexpensive to do.  Gather these materials and let's get started:

That's right, we're going to stamp with bubble wrap!   Here, I'm using two kinds of wrap, one with small bubbles, one with large ones.  You'll also need some light colored (I'm using white) cardstock, two ink pads in coordinating colors, and some metallic paint for an optional accent.

Take a piece of the bubble wrap and wad it up so you can hold it comfortably.  Pounce it on the inkpad, then stamp onto the cardstock.

I do this quickly and randomly, starting with the lighter of the two colors, then moving on to the darker.  Move your wrist around to vary the pattern; pressing lightly or harder will also give you different results.  Add color where you want until you are satisfied with the look.
You can stop here, of course, but I then took the wrap with the larger bubble, pounced it into a very little bit of gold metallic acrylic paint and dabbed lightly in just a few areas:
Here's a sample done in blues:
And this one, done with green inkpads used the larger bubble wrap only for a completely different look:
I took the pink background paper and used it to punch out some flower shapes and put them together to make this sweet little ornament for our weekly challenge at the PID yahoo group....the theme this week is "Spring Fever/Easter."
The image in the center is Tessa, and I think she was made for a spring inspired piece.  And I used up some ribbon scraps too.
So, keep in mind that while background techniques make a great base for your greeting cards, ATCs, wall hangings and collage art, you can also use them for projects like this one.  (And any small leftover pieces can be cut into squares for inchie art!)
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5 friends said:

2amscrapper said...

I've been wanting to try this technique for some time, so thanks for the deets to get me started.

Angie Hall Haviland said...

That is fun, Eileen!! I saw a craft show last week where she actually mounted bubble wrap to a wood piece like a rubber stamp with double sided tape and used it like that. Yours looks FABULOUS!! I love dots...I really need to give this a whirl!!

Mel♥ said...

Love it Eileen

Carol's Crafts said...

Thanks for sharing this technique, Eileen. Very simple, with lovely results.

... Paige said...

saw a lady on a scrapbooking show today who took a Bleach Pen and rubbed it on the bubble wrap then pressed that side against black card stock/paper. that was almost a cool looking as this one :-)