Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Technique Tuesday - Inked Embossing Folders

This technique is a great way to add both embossing and color to your paper at the same time.  Here is all you'll need:

  • an embossing folder (and of course the machine to use it in!)
  • a dye ink (water based) pad
  • light or lightly patterned cardstock.  (I used this polka dot print....a good way to jazz up a blah pattern).
This step requires a leap of faith.....no, you're not going to ruin your embossing folder.  The folder is plastic and the ink is water based.

Swipe the ink pad over the side of the embossing folder that will touch the front side of your paper.  Then insert the paper and run it through your machine.   This is what I wound up with:

I decided I wanted a little more green, so I took a slightly darker green ink pad and gently swiped it over the paper and got this:

When you're finished, just hold the embossing folder under running water and the ink will disappear.  No harm done!  But do make sure you're using a water based ink pad.
By the way, I've also done this with a thin layer of acrylic paint, for a very different effect, as the paint spreads more than ink.  Different, but nice.

I cut my paper into ATC size and used it for my entry in this week's challenge at PID.  The theme is buttons, and I used images from one of my favorite sheet, Artheads (#717).  Love those heads and butterfly wings.  I added the buttons to create button fairies right on the ATC.

If you own a machine that embosses and an embossing folder, give this technique a whirl.  It couldn't be easier and every time you change the folder, the ink color or the paper, you get a totally different look.

This has nothing to do with the technique, but it does contain buttons, so here is my little button fairy ornament:

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Angie Hall Haviland said...

OHHHH That's FUN, Eileen!! Thanks for sharing!

Mary-Beth said...

What a great idea!!! Brilliant Eileen!

2amscrapper said...

Love those button creations and that background technique!

7524kes said...

Very clever! Thank you