Saturday, March 6, 2010


Definition: a genre of science fiction set in Victorian times when steam was the main source of machine power; also written steam-punk

This is my first time ever doing anything remotely close to steampunk. Tell me whatcha think?? 

For my steam-punk ATC I used Windows 215, Sprockets and Gears, and Word Sheet 745 and of course Chipboard ATC.

For the gears I distressed them in a bunch of goodies, some butterscotch color wash, walnut ink and vintage photo and a copic black marker . I mod podged it all down. At first the spinner was able to spin then the glue dried LOL!!

Tell me did I do Steampunk right ?? 

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8 friends said:

Victoria said...

Looks like SP to me!! It's very cool.

Angie Hall Haviland said...

Looks ATC!!!

Vel said...

I think it's fabulous! Funny I love this genre and I'd heard of steampunk but never realized they were one and the same. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the steampunk piece. Yes, you did a terrific job.

Elaine A said...

Mel -

I think you done good - LOL! Looks like Steampunk to me and really nice too! Sure you've never done this before? Hmm . . . I think you're funning with me!

Really cool!

Elaine Allen

paperqueen said...

Sure does! I've been using elements like these for ages, and had no idea it was part of a genre, until someone commented that they liked my "steampunk jewelry." Who knew?
Great piece, Melissa!

AlteredbyMe said...

Your atc turned out great Melissa

2amscrapper said...

I think you nailed it! Great ATC!