Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Marie Antoinette Paper Doll (Pieced Paper Technique)

Marie Antoinette Paper Doll

(Pieced Paper Technique)

By Eileen Bellomo


I enjoy making things with this technique as it helps me use up some of my ever growing pile of scraps. 

To start the Marie doll, I found the PID image Marie Antoinette 683 to use, cut it out and glued it onto some sturdy cardstock.


Then I looked through my scraps (mainly leftovers from my technique tutorials) for colors and patterns that seemed "Marie-ish."

I don't use a pattern, though there are many doll patterns available; you can do a Google search for one.  But cutting free hand is not difficult!

In the image I'd chosen, Marie's dress bodice is green, so I used some green scrap paper to cut the lower torso and sleeves.

I just eye-balled the size and shape and trimmed the pieces to fit.

The skirt has many layers of different papers and is the easiest part.  Since we are doing Marie, all you need is a lot of pouf.


If (like me) cutting small hands is too big a challenge, do what I did.....give your doll something to hold which hides where her hands would be!  My doll is holding a bouquet of flowers.


Everything was glued down on the cardstock, and then I just trimmed all around.  This does two things:  gives your doll some added strength, and finishes off the back.

Complete  your doll with a little bling....some small crystals, glitter glue, German scrap....anything sparkly will do!   I even put some in her hair.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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