Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Make a great ATC in 4 or 5 Steps

Following along with Angies Challenge I made a fun ATC in 4 simple steps!!

Step 1: I used our chipboard its more sturdy especially when applying a lot of glues and mediums

Step 2: Glue down pre cut background paper. I like to use UHU glue for this step less bubbling from other wet glues

Step 3: Glue your image down, I used Doll Torsos for this ATC to keep with the Doll theme. I like to use good ol Mod Podge !!

Step 4: Keep Kit-Kat off your desk so you don’t lose one of your words you had cut out :D In my case the word “my” is totally lost !


Step 5: Glue down remaining elements like Word Sheet 745, Red German scrap and Tiny Crown


Step 6: Sprinkle some glitter on wet mod podge and adjust the word “FREE” to a better spot… VOILA a very simple atc!


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5 friends said:

Terri Gordon said...

Wonderful post, I love to visit your blog. It's beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Regina said...

LOVE it...thank you for sharing!!!


paperqueen said...

Adorable! And I didn't know you had a feline helper!

Lori Roberts said...

Awesome! What a chuckle I got from your kitty! Mine loves to sleep on my bed. She knows better! LOL!

2amscrapper said...

Thanks, I'm just starting to make ATCs. This was very helpful.