Monday, March 1, 2010

Designer’s Challenge ~ Altered Playing Card Doll

Altered Playing Card Doll
By Arlene Mobley

Paper Imagery Sheets – Ruth 666, Daisy 675, Avery 459
Playing Cards, (PID playing cards) Game Cards or Alpha Deck by Marsella
Fabric, Lace or Trims
Join us for our swap of these fun Altered Playing Card Dolls  

For this project I used a couple of different types of playing cards. It doesn’t matter what type of playing card you use as long as it is a playing card that measures  about 2 ½ x 3 ½ inches. The card can be a game card or a card from an actual deck of playing cards. Marsella has a deck of Alphabet cards that have a letter on one side and a decorative side.
For my three dolls I used two game cards and one of the Alphabet cards.

Before you begin.
Pick images that go with the design on your cards  or altered it with paint or ink.
When picking the images to use you need to hold them up to your playing card to make sure the size of the image works with the size of playing card or the finished piece will look a bit off.
Find images of legs in magazines. Glue them to card stock and cut out. Cut them out in various sizes and poses. That way when you get ready to put your altered card doll together you will have different styles to try out.
I picked the images I planned to use and cut them from the image sheet leaving a border around each image.  Glued them to a piece of card stock for added strength. Once the glue has dried cut around them close to the image.
Assembling the Altered Card Doll.
If the image you chose to use has an entire body cut it in half. You’ll use the top half for your doll head and the bottom half for your dolls feet.
When cutting keep in mind which parts of the top half and bottom half will be showing when you assemble your doll.

Hold your dolls head to the back side of the playing card and decide on your placement. Does she have arms or wings? If so you can snip into the image and layer it so some of your doll over laps the front of the playing card.
Glue head and upper torso to the back side of the playing card once your happy with the placement. Next glue the legs from your image or the legs from a magazine to the back of the playing card.
Assembling a skirt for your doll.
To make a skirt for your doll cut out a small rectangle of material and form pleats along the top using glue to hold the pleats in place.
Layer cheesecloth or organza under the skirt . Glue skirt to a piece of cardstock and glue behind your playing card so it peeks out from beneath the card.

Decorate your altered playing card doll with flowers, brads or fabric trims.
You can glue a small loop of ribbon to the back so you can hang your doll up or you can glue a small magnet to the back and put her on you refrigerator.

Arlene Pics 026

Join us for our swap of these fun Altered Playing Card Dolls

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Absolutely, positively, without a doubt the best yet! Arlene these are awesome!!!!! I love them!!!

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