Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Technique Tuesday - Spray Starch and Mica Powder!

Welcome to Technique Tuesday! While surfing the internet I came across this technique.  I was getting it about third hand, so can't link to the originator, but do want to say that it was attributed to a crafter named Deb Lovett.  Credit where credit is due, you know!
Again, you have to raid your household supplies to get this done.  Love that!  Gather together the following:

  • craft mat or other protection for your work surface
  • spray starch
  • black cardstock
  • mica powder(s)  I used perfect pearls, but you can use any brand.  The spray starch acts as a binder so no protective coating is necessary!
  • a foam brush
Spray the starch generously over the cardstock.  Then sprinkle whatever colors of mica powder you like over top.  You can use one or more.  Since I'll be cutting the cardstock into different sizes for various projects, I used several colors in different places so I'd get some variety.  Do try not to put one color over another, however, as that can result in a muddy look.
Notice that I did not try to cover the entire piece of paper at this step.  Also, the big blog of turquoise on the bottom left was not planned......you need not use that much.  My hand slipped!
Now, take the foam brush and swirl the powder around.

You can blend the colors a bit or leave them separate....experiment!
Let the paper dry completely.  You can use a heat tool if you're impatient.
I cut the paper so I'd have backgrounds for ATCs, jumbo ATCs, and mats for greeting cards:

You can try this with cardstock colors other than black, but dark cardstock does give the most dramatic look.  Of course, the color(s) of mica powder you use will also have a huge impact on the final result.
Over at the PID Yahoo group, the weekly challenge theme is "green/clover," so I used one of my backgrounds as a base for a St. Patrick's Day card.  The little fellow is from sheet #479, and I sat him on top of a mushroom from sheet #626.

So, forget the ironing and use your spray starch to make art!

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7 friends said:

Regina said...

Thank you so much for this awesome idea.


Angie Hall Havilnad said...

FABULOUS Eileen!! Spray starch..who knew. This looks fun...can't wait to try this!

HeArt Collective said...

i bet you could also use embossing powders in the same way... maybe even use some sort of stencil as a mask, spray the starch and then pull the mask up, sprinkle embossing powders and hit it with your heat gun.... sounds like fun!

how cute is your little leprechaun!?!?


Anonymous said...

Awesome technique
Thank you so much for sharing.

Carol's Crafts said...

Love that technique, Eileen. I will be trying that one for sure.

Sharon said...

Oh my!! How gorgeous!! WOW!! I can't stop saying wow! Thanx for sharing.

Jimmy Johns said...

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