Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Technique Tuesday - Acrylics Over Text Background

Welcome to Technique Tuesday.  This week's challenge at the PID yahoo group inspired today's background.  Since text was to be included in the challenge art, I decided to use it in the background as well.  As is the case in most of my favorite techniques, this one is fast, easy, and uses supplies you most likely already have.
Gather together these materials:

  • craft sheet or other protection for your work surface
  • 2 - 4 colors of acrylic paint
  • an old credit/gift card
  • a page of text from a book or magazine
  • paper towel (for paint clean up)
  • (optional and not shown in photo) a sanding block
Pour a few drops of one or two colors right onto the page of text.  Don't use more than two at a time or the result might be muddy.
Using the credit card, scrape the colors onto the page to spread them around.  Try going in different directions for different looks.

Just how much text shows through is up to you.  I like good color coverage, but still want to be able to see some of the words.  I also chose a page that had some illustrations on it, which is another option.
Allow the first layer of paint to dry thoroughly.  Then repeat with a third color if desired.

If you click on the photo for a close up, you'll see that text and some of the illustrations are still faintly visible.
You may want to add a fourth color, and although I did pick a fourth, I decided to stop at three.
At this point that optional sanding block might be used.
I cut a 4x4 piece for my project, attached it to a coaster, and it looked like this:

I decided that I wanted to tone the mustard color down a bit, so I (gently!) sanded some of the paint off with the block, and really like the resulting distressed look:

I then completed the piece with an image from PID sheet #716. Since the theme is "Say Something," I added some words that I cut from a magazine.

As always, if you try this technique, let us know how you like it, and post your art to the group.
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