Monday, January 18, 2010

8 x 8 Art Quilt By Arlene Mobley


Sewing machine or sewing needle & thread
8 x 8 piece of batting
8 x 8 piece of muslin for quilt backing
About a 10 x 10 piece of muslin
Paper Imagery Designs Image
A piece of muslin about an inch around bigger then your focal image.
Fusible web
Tea stained fabric, lace, trims and cheesecloth
Beads & charms for embellishing
Acrylic paint
Large chunky stamp

Transfer your focal image on to the small piece of muslin. Set aside

Take the 10 x 10 piece of muslin or fabric and tear into strips.
Lay these strips onto your piece of batting from top to bottom randomly overlapping. Make sure the edges are either overlapping or right next to each other so there are no gaps.
Pin where needed to hold the strips in place. Sew these pieces down to the batting with a straight stitch or free motion quilting.

Using a chunky stamp and acrylic paint that compliments your fabrics randomly stamp on your background.

Now the fun part begins. Randomly lay out the fabric, lace and trims that you picked out to use and position them on your square. Put your transferred focal image down to see where you might like it. Don’t sew anything down yet. Move things around until you find a lay out that you like.
Once you’re satisfied sew your fabric, focal image and lace down.

Embellish with charms, beads, vintage buttons and anything else that you might like to incorporate into you art quilt. Small items can be sewn on before you add your quilt back. Be sure to keep these items clear of the edge of your quilt or you could ruin your sewing machine if you accidentally sew over them.
Large bulky items should be sewn on by hand after your backing is in place.
Use embroidery thread and embellish some areas of the pattern on your fabric with a decorative or straight stitch.

Iron the fusible webbing to the back of your 8 x 8 piece of muslin you put aside for your backing. Follow manufactures instructions.
If you’d like to add tabs for hanging you should do this now.
Iron muslin to back of quilt. Trim off any excess webbing from around the quilt.

Top stitch around the entire quilt to secure any loose pieces of fabric and to finish off the edges.

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