Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Technique Tuesday - Floor Wax

Welcome to Technique Tuesday, and yes, you read the title correctly.  By now you probably know that my favorite techniques are a) easy   b) low cost  and c) low tech.  This one is all three, with the added bonus of being a little messy.
Raid the cabinet under your sink for most of the needed supplies:

wax paper (parchment paper works too)         tissue paper        cardstock         paper towel       floor wax            2-3 colors of dye reinkers        perfect pearls (optional)

The wax paper should be about twice the size of your tissue paper and cardstock.  Fold it in half and open it up.  Put it on your protected work surface and squirt some floor wax on one side of the fold.

Squeeze a few drops of each reinker randomly right over the floor wax.

Close up the waxed paper and squoosh it a bit to spread the colors into the wax paper. Then open it back up.  It should look something like this.  Don't worry if the color isn't everywhere.

If you are going to add the perfect pearls, do that now.  Sprinkle just a tiny bit in areas.
Lay the tissue paper right over one side of the wax paper and close it up.  Now really squoosh on the paper to distribute the color completely.  Here's where it could get messy, as the floor wax and inks might leak through.  You might want to wear rubber gloves.  Or not.  I didn't.  I like a mess, and besides, dye ink washes out with soap and water.

Open up the wax paper again.  You'll see that the tissue paper is saturated with color and is quite wet.  Lay a piece of paper towel on top, reclose the wax paper and press down all over.  This does two things:  the paper towel absorbs some of the color and speeds up drying, and it will give you yet another background to use. Open up the wax paper again, and let everything air dry, or speed it along a bit with your heat tool.  Careful with the wax paper...you want to dry it, not melt the wax.
When everything is dry, you will have this:

Colored paper towel, colored tissue paper, colored wax paper.
Next, apply adhesive to cardstock and adhere the colored papers.  You can be creative here too.  Use white cardstock and the colors will remain the same.  Try different colors of cardstock and see how that will change the look.
Then trim the papers to the size you want.  Here are three ready to be made into ATCs:

From left to right:  tissue paper, waxed paper, paper towel.

I chose to use the tissue paper background for the ATC I made for this week's PID challenge.  The theme is "fans and folds," and here it is:

I used collage sheet #705 and some German scrap.  I made the fan with a little piece of patterned paper and attached it with a brad.
Hope you enjoyed this and will give it a try!
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Wanda said...

This is sooo cool Eileen!! I love your Technique Tuesdays...thank you for sharing!!!

Mel♥ said...

great work Eileen ...

Anonymous said...

LOVED the technique Eileen!!!! GREAT job as always ma'am!!!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

OHHHHHHHH Goooooshy FUN!! Off to add more paper towels to my shopping list :)

ShellyRaeWood said...

Oh!! NOW I understand what the bottle of floor cleaner under the sink is for!! I never knew what you were supposed to use it for.....it's like the iron. It's an ART tool!! LOL Beautiful.....thanks for sharing!!

lotsa scrap said...

Thanks so much for the great idea!