Friday, November 13, 2009

Our Family Heritage By Arlene Mobley

In the US October is designated as Family History month. I happen to be the genealogist in my family. With the holiday season coming up and families all over the world coming together to celebrate the holidays I thought this would be a perfect time to create a mixed media family tree.

Unfortunately for me I do not have any photographs of my ancestors. So instead I used Paper Imagery Designs images and used my real ancestor’s names and dates. I love the way my family tree turned out.

15 x 10 inch piece of chip board
 or use what I used a recycled backboard from a pad of watercolor paper
Acrylic paint
Glazing medium
Old dictionary pages
Fabric scraps
Scrapbook paper
Flourish stamps

Cut corners off the top of the chipboard to give it the shape of a house.
Paint the chipboard with a layer of gesso on both sides.
Glue dictionary pages to background.
Use stamps, rub-ons and scrapbook paper to decorate your background.
 Mix your acrylic paint with glazing medium and paint the front of the chipboard.
Draw a tree onto scrapbook paper and cut out. Distress the edges of the tree with distress ink.
  Glue the tree to the center of your background. 

Cut out images and glue to fabric mats.
Type out names and dates using an old fashioned font. Distress with distress ink.
Glue names below pictures.

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2 friends said:

Anonymous said...

What a great idea, Arlene! I think I'll "invent" some beautiful ancestors for myself!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

SO PRETTY, Arlene!!