Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Technique Tuesday - Faux Marble Background

Welcome to Technique Tuesday!  There are many ways to get a faux marble look for your backgrounds, but this is one of my favorites, because it is low-tech, low-cost, easy as can be, yet looks great.
Here is all you need:

light colored cardstock
waxed paper
2 - 3 colors of ink

Crumple up a piece of waxed paper, and using it as a stamp, tap onto one of the ink pads then dab onto the cardstock.  Twist your hand from time to time so the pattern looks random.  Leave plenty of the cardstock showing.  Here's how it looks after applying the first color (it photographed a little light, but it is a nice green):

Repeat the process with another color ink and a new piece of waxed paper (I used blue this time):

Here is another sample.  This time I used three shades of purples and pinks:

This week's challenge at the PID yahoo group is "Paris," and I used this background technique in my ATC:

The Eiffel Tower is a rubber stamp I had in my stash.  All the text and the images are from PID's Art Nouveau collage sheets (#671-674).

You're likely to have everything you need to try this right now.  For a variation on the look, use crumpled up plastic wrap or a wad of bubble wrap instead of the waxed paper.  Let us know how it turns out for you.  Now, go make some art!

Eileen Bellomo,
PID Design Team

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Mel♥ said...

What fun Eileen !!

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Great technique Eileen!


Gwen Crowell said...

wow...love it! thanks for sharing the technique!!