Thursday, October 1, 2009

Project Call for ART

Last month we put a Call For Art out for “Finding things around the house to alter”!

Finding things around the house to alter is nothing new to crafter's alike! PID is looking for your "Altered Household Item" to feature in our next issue. Show us your ideas for re purposing trash to treasure by submitting your art to us! The art submission deadline for the "Altered Household Item" ends soon!
We had a bunch of items sent in and I found this one most deserving! Mary-Beth from Windsor, Ontario sent this piece in of her Altered Spoon. Way to go Mary-Beth.

This month our Call For Art is:
Tangerine and Auburn – Send us your ART using these colors to be featured in our next issue! Show us your idea of these colors and what YOU can do with them! The deadline ends soon send in your Color Art to
Color combining can be a challenge, or using a color wheel. What is a color wheel for anyway?
It is hard to give an exact answer to this question, but in general one can say that the risk of using too many colors is greater than the risk of using too few.
Too many colors will make your art feel too busy and it usually makes it harder for your focal point to stand out.
Art with too few colors, on the other hand, risks being seen as a bit boring, but this need not always be the case.

One commonly used rule in these matters is to use three colors.
bullet Primary color: This is the main color of your art. It will cover most of your work and set the tone for the design as a whole.
bullet Secondary color: This is the second color on your art, and it is usually there to "back up" the primary color. It is usually a color that is pretty close to the primary color.
bullet Highlight color: This is a color that is used to make your art “pop” on certain parts of it. It is usually a color which contrasts more with the primary and secondary colors, and as such, it should be used with moderation. It is common to use a complimentary or split-complimentary color for this.

A really great color to work with Tangerine and Auburn is Asparagus!

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