Monday, October 12, 2009

Pretty Little Gift Pouch....

I saw an ad recently on a magazine for a new green magazine and there was a toilet tissue roll made into a gift pouch. I really really love to recycle, reuse, and repurpose everything I can. I wanted my Toilet tissue roll gift pouch to be reusable...what good is recycling if the person you give it to throws it right in the trash?? and of course I wanted it to be pretty :O)

The possiblities are endless for these Pretty Little Gift Pouches....For mine I used scraps and had a blast making it. They are a wonderful size...they will hold a necklace, charms, little goodies, a gift card or something everyone loves $$. I'm thinking come Christmas time...add a ribbon for hanging and put them on the tree :)
So you will need.....
Toilet Tissue Roll
Paper and/or trim scraps
hole punch
misc. items (I even used a candy wrapper from my current favorite chocolates)
Image from Paper Imagery Designs
acrylic paint
I painted my tissue roll with an off white acrylic paint and let it dry. Then flattened my tissue roll and glued the bottom closed (put close pins on it to hold it closed while drying). I then glued on papers, pieces of foil candy wrapper, and this sweet little PID image....added a scrap of lace and a flower and button center. Then I punched holes in the top. I added the surprise gift to the inside and then strung a length of ribbon into the holes and tied a bow. That's it. FUN!!

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2 friends said: said...

What a charming idea for little trinkets and gifts! Suzie xx

Ann said...

what a darling idea!! And with 6 people I have lots of rolls I can use!!