Thursday, October 1, 2009

Designers Challenge – Carla Naron


approx. 10" x 4"

* scrap piece of wood

* 3 children's blocks (2 for the top piece and 1 for the focal image.)

* vintage newspaper

* ribbon

* 1 large nail

* 5 small nails

* letter tiles

* 3 silver tacks

* young man image from PID sheet U102

* acrylic paint (off-white & black)

* script stamp (french letter by Stampin' Up)

* black memories ink

* liquid nails

This little assemblage of sorts started out as a plain scrap piece of pine board salvaged during the building of our backyard deck. After two coats of gesso the block was ready to become the base of this piece. I painted the block with off-white acrylic paint.

Two plain children's building blocks were used to form the top the assemblage. I glued them together with liquid nails, painted them black and nailed them to the board with 1 long nail.

Vintage newspaper covers the top 1/3 of the block. I taped off a small section on the bottom and painted this area black. Once the paint and newspaper areas were dry I used tacky glue to add strips of two different ribbons to sections of the towards the top and one towards the bottom. I gently tapped 3 silver tacks into the ribbon on the bottom part of the piece.

Using Perfect Paper Adhesive I glued the boy image to a small square block that was painted in the same off-white color as the body of the main block. Once the image was dry I used a script stamp and black ink to add a little interest to the sides of the block. I completed the look by adding three tacks to the top edge. This block was glued onto the main block using liquid nails. I completed the block assemblage by spelling out PAPA in various letter tiles.




approx. 8" x 9"

* Block of wood

* PID image Abigail 167
* Small scrap of wooden doll house shingles

* Off-white latex paint

* Text and Scroll rubberstamps

* Black memories ink

* Letter tiles

* Silk Ribbon

* Black Stabilio pencil

* Gold Brilliance Ink

* Tacky Glue

* Gesso

* Q-tip (for painting polka-dots)

* Blue acrylic paint

* Perfect paper adhesive

     I cut this block all by myself with my very own table saw (big grin)!! I was so proud of myself, because I am absolutely terrified of saws (have nightmares about them all the time!) I really wanted some boards to use in my artwork, and since Big Daddy isn't home to do my bidding 75% of the time--I had to put on my big girl pants and learn to use my new saw myself. After cutting to the size I wanted, I sanded off the rough edges and painted with 2 coats of gesso, followed by two coats of off-white latex.

     To add a little interest to the background I stamped a script text with black ink in the center of the board, and a scroll at the top. I then accented the edges of the board with the gold Brilliance ink.

     The adorable Abigail image was glued onto the wood using Perfect Paper Adhesive. Once dry the image was outlined with black Stabilio pencil, and smudged with my finger.

     I gave the scrap of dollhouse shingle a coat of blue acrylic, and smudged some pencil onto it to give a little more dimension. Also with the blue paint I used a q-tip to add some polka-dots to the top of my piece.

     "Soar" was completed once I tied ribbon through the holes of the letter tiles and glued them to the board with tacky glue.






approx. 8" x 9"

* Block of wood

* PID image from sheet "art bird nest" 600

* Cream colored ceramic tile

* Off-white latex paint

* Small piece of decorative molding

* Nails

* Twine

* Faux flower

* Rhinestone

* Letter Tiles

* Tacky Glue

* Gesso

* Perfect paper adhesive

* Stick

* Spanish moss

* Liquid nails

      After gessoing and giving this block a coat of off-white latex paint I added the piece of molding (which had also been

primed and painted) and glued into place. I then painted and hammered nails medium length nails into the top.

On the front of the block I added 4 small tacks, and wrapped twine around them to "frame" the focal piece.

     To create the focal piece I glued the art bird nest image to the ceramic tile with Perfect Paper Adhesive.

Once dry the tile was glued onto the block with liquid nails, and allowed to dry overnight with a stack of heavy

books to weigh it down and insure a good hold.

     To complete the piece I wrapped a stick with spanish moss and glued to the left hand side with tacky glue.

Tile letters spelling "Grow" were added to the right hand side, as well as a small faux flower with rhinestone center.



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Beautiful Carla!


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