Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Technique Tuesday - Windows and Shaker Cards

Welcome back to Technique Tuesday, where I explain how I did one of my projects for PID's weekly challenge.  This week, Angie challenged us to do something on the theme of "windows."  I submitted one of my Halloween ATCs:

See the scary man in the moon?  Well that's my "window."  Here's another view of the card so you can see the dimension:
It started out in life as the packaging for some scrapbooking embellishments.  You know, some items are packaged in rigid plastic, and often the plastic is molded  to the shape of the item inside.  I save those.  Here are some examples:
If you cut around the shape, leaving a lip of about 1/4" or so, you can use them to give your projects some dimension.  In my Halloween ATC, I thought one of the circles would make a great moon.  All I had to do was cut a circle in my ATC (I used my craft knife), just large enough to slide the plastic through from the back.  I put some glue around the lip, slid it in place, and then just attached the moon face behind it.
I found a rectangular piece of this molded plastic, one that was just a shade smaller than an ATC.  I used it to make a shaker card, using the same technique as above.....trim the plastic, apply glue to the lip, and slide it through the window I cut.  In this one, I stamped a fir tree, attached a wintery PID image, the lovely Sophia,  and inserted some micro beads as my "snow."

Some people have asked for a tutorial on that creepy glass I used in one of my Halloween cards.  Since that was the unexpected result of a complete accident, I need to work on it a bit to make sure it can be duplicated.  If I can do that, I will put together tutorial.
Thanks, and start saving your plastic shapes!
Paper Imagery Design Team

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8 friends said:

Angie Hall Haviland said...

Well that is just so neat, Eileen!! (grrrrr I've thrown away so many things like that!!! lol) Thanks for a great idea!

ShellyRaeWood said...

Totally awesome!! But I'm supposed to be de-cluttering the studio.....not saving more!! argh!! I really just need another room......or two. Love the technique......so now, we have to look at both what's inside the packaging AND the packaging....hmmmm.....interesting!! :::grin:::

Mel♥ said...

Great idea Eileen!! Love it!

peggy gatto said...

great idea, now I have to go shopping!

Ann said...

Eilen, what a fabulous idea !! I know I have thrown a gazillion of those out.who knew!!! I just hope i can save enough in time for Christmas...i love the "snow" idea.
thanks so very much for sharing.

Linda Cain said...

VERY cool idea. Love it!



What an incredibly clever idea! *off to check my trashcan* LOL


Chrystal S said...

Absolutely wonderful idea!!! :)