Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Technique Tuesday -- Marbelized Pastels

Technique Tuesday – Marbelized Pastels

I used this background technique on this weeks challenge projects (Halloween/Gothic). Here is what you need:

Shallow pan, large enough to hold the paper you’re using

Craft pastels

Scraping tool (any knife, or a file)

Light colored cardstock


Here are the simple directions:

Fill the pan with about an inch of water.

Hold a pastel over the water and gently scrape some onto the water’s surface.

Repeat with whatever other colors you wish to use.

Gently swirl the pastels around a bit to make a marbleized pattern. Don’t overswirl, or you’ll get mud!

Carefully lay the cardstock just on top of the water. Don’t submerge it. Lift it up immediately.

Let dry, then cut to the size you need for your project.  If the paper curls up just press it under some heavy books and it will flatten right out.  You can also speed up the drying with a heat tool.

If you’re doing multiple pages, it is best to use clean water each time.

Here is a different color combination:

This is the ATC I made with this background technique:

I used an image from the Kewpie Witches sheet # 695 and some embellishments from a Halloween treat bag.
For the miscellaneous challenge I made a tag and used sheets # 649 and # 666:

So, dig out those pastels and give this very easy and beautiful technique a try.  Let us know how it turned out.
PID Design Team

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6 friends said:

Julie Ann said...

Wow! That looks really cool and pretty easy to do! I love learning new techniques- thanks so much for sharing with us!! :)

Angie Hall Haviland said...

Thanks for sharing another great technique, Eileen!

peggy gatto said...

Thanks eileen!
example is really lovely!!!

Patzee2000 said...

Eileen, what a great tutorial. You've made easy work out of creating a unique background!

Celeste Santin said...

Thanks, that looks so easy and a a lovely background. It looks like you are using chalks and if so, would they rub off later or did you seal the paper once dry? I'd love to try it later.

Barbara said...

Very pretty - celeste mentioned chalks, I thought perhaps they were the small watercolor blocks? I'm not sure what you mean by pastels? I'll see if the watercolors work.