Friday, September 4, 2009

“Nesting” 7 X 7 Framed by Arlene Mobley

Water Color Paper
Acrylic Paint
Dyed Cheese cloth
Paper Imagery Designs Art Bird Nest Sheet # 600
Thin wire
Polymer Clay Eggs
Egg Shaped Beads
Text Stamp
Antique Photo Distress Ink
Michele Wards Bird Sanctuary Stamp

Prepare a piece of water color paper that will fit inside your frame by painting two layers of gesso onto it and then painting with acrylic paints.

Shape polymer clay into 3 eggs and bake following manufactures directions. Paint and speckle with black paint.

Paint frame and stamp with text stamp. Paint a contrasting color over text stamp. Let dry completely.

Dye cheese cloth color of choice, allow to dry completely. Cut into a small rectangle.
Tear a piece if muslin that will fit inside your rectangle of cheesecloth and fray edges. Use distress ink to age muslin.

Stamp the three vintage egg stamp from Michele Ward’s set onto a piece of vintage paper using distress ink.

Wrap a small bundle of twigs with a thin piece of wire. String five pearl beads onto the top of the bundle of twigs, twisting the wire around to secure the bundle and beads in place.

Glue your images down. Make a layer of the muslin and cheese cloth and glue it down onto your background. Next glue eggs on top of the muslin and cheese cloth layer.

Glue twig bundle down with strong glue.

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5 friends said:

Anonymous said...

Wow! How beautiful Arlene! And what a great job you did on the eggs....they look so real!
Love it!

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bloubell said...

This is really a beautiful and creative piece. Love it, that is the theme in my family room, will post when I finish. Thanks for the lesson.

AlteredByMe said...

Thanks for the sweet comments everyone!


Flossie Belle-Carilyn said...

So very Beautiful Arlene...