Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm a Project Runway wannabe!! :D

Every Thursday night *Life as the people who live here with me know it* comes to an abrupt halt. At nine o'clock I park my behind in front of the tv and do not move for an entire hour. I happily soak up all the inspiration the show has to offer. I love watching the designers take yards of humble cloth and create exquisite creations from it. Oh if only I could sew like that (sigh)! Last Thursday night after the season premiere aired I was feeling the sewing bug biting off to the art room I went. I pretended I was in mood and only had 10 minutes to shop. All I knew is that I wanted to make some kind of doll and that I wanted to use some of the new PID images for the dolls' faces.

I decided on the tried and true icicle doll (introduced by my friend Belinda Schneider last year). Icicle dolls are a lot of fun to make, and I found one little area in which I can make them even easier than the way Belinda showed me how to do it. I fold the fabric that I'm cutting the doll from in half, and then I "free form" cut the icicle shape on the folded edge... this means I only have one side seam to contend with. Once my shape is cut out I begin sewing bits of fabric and ribbon directly onto my base fabric. I cut off any excess before stitching each piece. Once the entire doll shape is covered in fabric I add a few embellishments (like buttons, faux flowers etc., stitch on a face, stuff and sew up the top--ta da easy peasy! For 2 of the dolls shown above I used gorgeous images from Paper Imagery Design's "Movie Stars" sheet.

The best thing about the icicle dolls is that you can make them as BIG or as SMALL as you'd like. They look great hanging on the Christmas tree, and they make perfect little trades when you fashion small ones into little brooches or pendants for your artsy necklaces.

I'm going to give-a-way the little moon faced gal shown above (she was actually supposed to be down here, but blogger is being a PITA and not putting my pictures where I want them) If you like her please leave a comment on this post and I'll enter your name into the drawing. I'll have my daughter pick a winner next Thursday night *after* Project Runway of course :D


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11 friends said:

peggy gatto said...

Yes please, I am a huge fan also!


As soon as Project Runway is over, you can draw my name! LOL!!

Great big smiles,

Angie Hall Haviland said...

OH YEAH I LIKE!!! and I'm certainly leaving a comment!!

These are FABULOUS Carla!!!

Elaine A said...

Hi Carla -

I love Project Runway! Such a great show, it is amazing to watch what these designers do with fabric (and other not so common items). But what I find fascinating is watching the cattiness that starts to creep into each of the designers as the show progresses. In the first few shows they are all great friends. But then as the weeks go by, the remarks given by the designers on the solo camera interviews get increasingly biting. Great show and I love Tim Gunn. I also love your dolls, so very sweet. Enjoy your weekend.

Elaine Allen

Mel♥ said...


Luna said...

OMG I love it!
But I love YOU more Mz Carla!



AlteredByMe said...

Beautiful Carla!


paperqueen said...

Yes, enter my name! I love your dolls!

Ann said...

Beautiful doll..please add my name!! And thanks for sharing the technique.

Mary-Beth said...

oh please enter my name, I love the dolls. I have always wanted to try to make myself one, if I win, I won't have to!!!! lololol j/k

Kathy Cora said...

I love these little guys. Had a swap on another group last year and it was so much fun!!!!

Oh, and you can draw my name. LOL