Monday, July 13, 2009

Tweet Summer Cuff By Angie Hall-Haviland

Paper Imagery Designs Collage Sheet #605 Bird, Cloud and patterned background images
1 1/2 inch wide wooden circle
denim (or other fabric)
trim (lace or ribbon)
ball fringe
felt circle (crocheted circle or fabric yo-yo)
sew on Velcro
embroidery floss
flower applique
fabric glue (I use Fabri Tac)

A fabric cuff can be so simple to make. You can add any combination of embellishments to make your cuff your own. No groaning that you don't sew...they can be made with fabric glue if you like.

Here's how I made this one...
I tore two strips of recycled (once a pair of shorts) denim two inches wide and cut them to 10 inches long. I love the torn edges of fabric. On the first piece of denim I sewed a strip of vintage trim down the center. I sewed on the felt circle with embroidery floss. With some fabric glue I put a small amount on the ball trim, just enough to hold it on the edge of the cuff bottom. I then glued and sewed the 1 3/4 inch Velcro pieces one of the left end of the piece we've been working on, and on the right edge of the second piece of denim. Then sandwiched the denim wrong sides together. I used black thread to back stitch all the way around the cuff. Then I glued the images to the wooden circle and glued the circle on top of the felt circle. Finally I glued on the little flower applique. Done and FUN! Just wrap it around your wrist and go. I did find that 10 inches was a little too long for my wrist so I added a second piece of Velcro on the inside of the cuff and it fits I will use 9 1/2 inches in the future

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AlteredByMe said...

Angie I love your cuff. It is so cute! And your instructions are so easy. I have been wanting to make a cuff forever and now I just might try it! Thanks!