Monday, July 6, 2009

More Doll Art by Eileen

As Angie said in the previous post, this week's challenge is "Dolls." I'm in an art doll swap on the PID yahoo group, so I've been making them all week. What fun! I've used PID mannequin collage sheet # 378 as the base, though I have covered them up a lot with my paper-pieced outfits.

I love that using brads makes the heads, arms, and legs movable.

This fashion plate has the face of a movie star, from PID sheet #595.
For the challenge, I turned Marie Antoinette (PID sheet # 636) into a Las Vegas showgirl! When her arms and legs fold in, it is ATC sized.
But my favorite is kewpie (PID sheet # 246) as a circus clown.
Try an art doll yourself. Way too much fun!

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