Thursday, July 2, 2009

Introducing: Sew Me, Love Me, a delightful handbook to crafting homemade stuffies

Join the stuffie craze! Create adorable and irresistibly quirky stuffed animals using just simple fabric piecing techniques, fabric scraps, and socks. Sew Me, Love Me: Best Stuffed Friends to Make presents 12 endearing fabric and sock animals that you’ll love to make (and also make a great gift!)

Learn to sew and dress each doll, plus how to add quirky embellishments. Step-by-step illustrations, project instructions and pattern templates provide everything you need to create these charming dolls, plus cute clothes and accessories like dresses and tops, scarves and hats, skirts and pants all made from socks, fabric scraps, and trims.

Choose from characters Poppo Piggy, with his big button nose and floppy ears; Jeff Bear, with his lanky body smartly dressed in a turtleneck and corduroy pants; or Wind Lion with his mane of colorful fabric scraps and sideways expression. No matter which project you start with, you'll definitely want to make more than one!

Sew Me, Love Me author Hsiu-Lan Kuei is a costume designer and illustrator who uses fabric scraps and recycled fabric cloth for her doll creations. She lives in Taiwan.

Meet a few of the stuffies: Wind Lion, Froggy Friends, Popo Piggy, and Beatnik Bob

StuffiesSend Us Your Stuffies by July 13

For our November/December issue, we’d like you to show us your holiday stuffie. Make your stuffie out of fabric, paper, or a combination. Stitch it by hand or machine, and embellish it any way you like to bring out its personality. We’ll show a selection of our favorites in the November/December issue of Cloth Paper Scissors and online.

For complete details, visit our reader challenge page.

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