Monday, July 20, 2009

I finally grabbed some much needed art time yesterday and had a little fun w/ two of my favorite PID girls. Rosia and Elizabeth

I love having little pieces of art like this lying around. They come in handy when I'm getting a package for an art friend ready to mail, I need a quick uh-oh gift for someone, or for those times I find myself with extra "time" on my hands and want to create an elaborate package for a special gift. The little princess piece would also look great worked into a larger work of a shrine or assemblage.

So the moral of my story (long and winded as it was) is to try and snag a little art time each day, twenty minutes will do...and create a small piece of art to add to your "ready-to-go" pile for those uh-oh moments.


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5 friends said:


These are so very lovely!

- Teresa

Mel♥ said...

Awesome Carla

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful, Carla, and you're so right about keeping a little "art stash" for those uh-oh moments.

Angie Hall Haviland said...

These are WONDERFUL, Carla!! I certainly agree...ART everyday!

MizCarla said...

Thanks Girls :D