Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When Mistyfuse® met Angelina®

When Mistyfuse® met Angelina®

Mistyfuse and Angelina are a match made in heaven. When they get together, they just melt! In fact, both melt at similar low temperatures, which is great news because Angelina can lose its color if overheated. Once the two materials form a bond, they can be fused to a piece of fabric or paper.
Here's how:
1. Place a protective sheet down on your ironing surface and put a piece of Mistyfuse on top of that. Then, sparingly sprinkle Angelina fibers over the top.
2. Place a sheet of parchment paper over the Angelina and Mistyfuse, and iron with moderately hot heat. Use just enough heat and time to fuse the Angelina to itself and to bond it with the Mistyfuse.
3. Once it has cooled, peel the Mistyfuse/Angelina assembly off the parchment paper.
The Angelina has lacy appearance, but it is now fusible to another surface. And even the individual strands of Angelina are backed with Mistyfuse and will fuse down.
4. Peel off the parchment cover. You may notice some of the excess fusible that was between the fibers is carried away on the parchment. Wipe it away with a scrap of fabric and continue to use the parchment.
5. Now you have a lacy, sparkly, fusible piece that you can cut to any size or shape. Place it where you want it, fusible-side down. Then cover again with parchment, and iron lightly to fuse it in place.
Angelina and Mistyfuse 4 ever!
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Anonymous said...

For those of us "new to the game" - WHICH is the fusible side (instruction #5)? The base (Misty Fuse) or the embellishment side (Angelina).