Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stencil Background Technique by Eileen Bellomo

No, this is not your granny's stencil art! So go grab one of those plastic stencils you thought you'd never use again and try this quick and easy (and very cool) background technique.

Here is what you'll need:

plastic stencil
one or two dye ink pads
water mister

Swipe the ink pads directly over the stencil. If you're using two colors, swipe the lighter one first.

Spray the entire stencil with water from your mister.

    Press the cardstock onto the the wet stencil. Apply even pressure but don't smoosh the paper around.
    The result is a very soft water-color looking background for your art. Let it dry, cut it to the desired size and make some art.

    The effect you get with this technique depends on many things. The stencil you use, of course, but also the ink color and the amount of water. Spray less water for deeper tones, more for a more subtle look. I used two colors in the same family, but two complementary colors will give a totally different look. This piece was done on smooth cardstock. Try using textured paper or watercolor paper and see what happens.
    This is easy and fun, so experiment a little and see what you come up with!

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5 friends said:

AlteredByMe said...

Great technique Eileen! Distress inks are so much fun!

Mel♥ said...

Great Piece and love the technique!!

Ann said...

how pretty! thanks for sharing..must try this!!

Lori Roberts said...

This is soooooooo kewl!!!!!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

LOVE IT, Eileen!! Looks like FUN!