Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Your Mom Will Be Charmed By This Project

Charming Heirlooms for Mom

Resource: Cloth Paper Scissors

Cloth Paper Scissors have received nearly 2,000 charms in their “Charm and Be Charmed” reader swap!

We could not get over the cleverness and artistry of these little gems, but some struck a special chord, especially when they were paired with a funny or sentimental story. As Mother’s Day approaches, we thought we’d share this story and a picture of the accompanying charms. What a great way to remember a mother or grandmother and the special family celebrations you shared.

Many years ago when I was a teenager, I called my Grandma Louise and she mentioned she was having a yard sale. As we discussed how the sale was going she told me that one of the things she had put out was a box of her wedding china. I objected (strongly) and suggested that she give it to me instead. She was sure no one would want it, as there weren’t a lot of pieces left and many of those were chipped or cracked.

I have kept those pieces through the years; some of them I have used and some I have displayed. I have many fond memories of family get-togethers where those dishes were used. My grandmother wasn’t the sort of person who “saved” things for “some day.” Instead, she enjoyed them at every opportunity.

These charms were made from some of the pieces that were cracked or badly chipped, so you can enjoy a little of Grandma Louise’s pretty china as well.

Karen Manciu of Tucson, AZ

Karen attached a scroll of this story to all of her charms—so the lucky recipients will have it to keep.

We’ll be sending out the swapped charms next month and you’ll see many in an upcoming issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.

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