Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Little David Slider by Linda Cain

Little David 281
Tim Holtz Idea-ology Foliage, Corners, Ornate Plates, Ball Chain and Sprocket Gears.
Background stamp
Background paper
Plain heavy cardstock
Distress Ink
White glue
Tacky Tape
Metal hole punch

1. Hold acetate over back of Ornate Plate opening and trace line to cutout. Trace and cut picture of David to fit. Glue picture to cardstock to add thickness. Glue plain grunge board rectange to back to hold all in place.

2. Trace and cut top of slider tin onto paper of your choice. Distress ink edges. Add dotted background stamp. Glue to top of slider.

3. Using needle nose plyers, curl edges of corner piece over the end of the slider tin. Using tacky tape under corner, glue in place to slider.

4. Punch holes in side of tin and insert ball chain. Layer up leaves, gear, and flowers and add to plate with brad. Add piece to front of slider with tacky tape.

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1 friends said:

Ann said...

this is so pretty..i think i'll make one just for me!!!!