Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Altered Vintage Glove by Arlene Mobley


Vintage Glove
PID Image from Antique Photos Sheet # 353 +
Inchie Kids image sheet #318
Vintage lace, fabric & trims
Tea dyed cheesecloth
Sewing needle & thread
Alphabet stamps
Blue Moon Bead Shop Acrylic Drop Beads
Mini Clothespin
Goldens soft gel medium
Vintage style charm
Vintage buttons
Copper wire to make hanger

Select a vintage glove to alter from your stash.

Using the image of a vintage woman from Antique Photo sheet # 353 make a transfer onto a piece of muslin. Trim around transfer leaving a border of muslin.

Gather some of your vintage fabric and laces, keeping to a color scheme that works well with the color of your vintage glove.

Layer a piece of wide lace, a piece of fabric, a piece of dyed cheesecloth, a narrower piece of lace and lay it onto the top area of your glove to see how you like the arrangement. Play around with different widths of lace and colors of fabric until you find a composition that is pleasing to you.
Pin your sandwich of fabric to the glove to keep your composition together as you continue to work.

Tear a narrow strip of muslin and stamp the word Mother onto it.
Use a bigger piece of muslin then you need so that you can tear strips off of each side to give it a tattered look.

Now pin this piece of muslin on top of your sandwich of laces and fabric.
Sew all of the layers to the glove by hand using a contrasting color of thread.

Trim around your transfer and make another layer of fabric, muslin and lace. Sew that on to your glove.
Glue or sew some vintage buttons onto the glove.

Cut out five small images of children from image sheet # 318. Glue each image onto an acrylic drop bead. Layer a piece of dictionary page or scrapbook paper on the back of each acrylic drop.

Sew each acrylic drop onto the tip of each finger of the glove.
Stuff the glove with Polyfill and sew the top together

Make a hanger out of some copper wire. Attach the hanger to the top of the glove with the mini clothes pins.

Cut some strips of cheesecloth and lace. Tie to the top of the hanger and fashion a bow. Sew a charm onto the bow.

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Great tutorial!


Ann said...

oh..i just love this..thanks for the tutorial!! i have an old glove of mine from when i was 4 i know what i'm going to do with it.