Monday, May 4, 2009

Altered Tin Top Tutorial....

Supplies I used:
Sticky Back Canvas Claudine Hellmuth Studio (available through PID)
Mint Tin Top
Small length of ribbon
awl (or something to poke holes in the tin)
tacky glue (I use Fabri Tac)
Paper Imagery Designs Image (I used Jean Sheet 596)
small ric rac
artifical leaves
flower stencil
white gesso
items to stamp with (I used a rubber circle and a pencil eraser)
acrylic paints
old gift card----paint pulling tool
fine glitter
text I cut from a discard book
large eye needle or piece of folded wire
Stardust Gel Ink Pen (also available from PID)

I cut a piece of the Sticky Back Canvas just bigger than my tin top and another smaller piece to cut a flower out of later. I then used a pencil eraser and rubber circle and white gesso to stamp on the Sticky Back Canvas. Let Dry (you know...go do the dishes and a load of laundry).

Then I squirted some Hot Pink acrylic paint on the S.B. Canvas and pulled it with an old gift card to cover the canvas. Then I squirted a few drops of light purple acrylic paint and pulled it with the card to add to the background. While still wet I sprinkled it with fine irredescent glitter. I used only hot pink paint on the smaller piece of S.B. Canvas. Let Dry (too early to do another load of laundry so on different piece of ART, etc).

Removed the backing from S. B. Canvas and applied it to the Mint Tin Top. Used my scissors to trim away the excess (Hoard scraps for another project like an inchy or Moo Card). Glued a small length of small purple ric rac to the bottom. Cut out Jean and used a glue stick to apply her and the text to the piece. I poked two holes in the top of the tin. Then glued the trim around the edge of the tin top. I used a piece of wire folded in half to pull the ribbon through the holes and tie a knot on each end to make the hanger. Then I traced the flower on the back of the hot pink painted S.B. Canvas piece and cut it out. I glued the artifical leaves on the piece, removed the paper from the flower and applied it. Added a finishing touch of a rhinestone as the flower center and edged the flower and leaves with the Stardust Gel Ink Pen. That's it.

I'm loving this Sticky Back Canvas!! Can't wait to try it on more many places you can stick it!!

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5 friends said:

Anji Gallanos said...

This is great. I have a friend who loves to alter Altoid Tins. Will forward to her.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Angie! I had no idea when I saw the photo posted that it was a tin top. Fabulous!

Ann said...

So cute!! Never thought of an eraser and gesso!! Will have to do this.
I love tutorials because there is always a technique that I never thought of.
I have 2 packages of th S.B.Canvas that I haven't opened yet....the air is going to hit them now!!

claudine hellmuth said...

love this! adding it to my blog post tonight!

The Backporch Artessa said...

This is adorable! Great new use of the sticky back!