Saturday, May 30, 2009

4x4 Marshall Swap

Elena is hosting a swap on the PID Swaps list using Marshall and making 4x4s.... here are some great 4x4s made for the swap!!

This first 4x4 is made by Tracy Kaufman

Our design team member Eileen Bellomo has created this 4x4.

Last but certainly not least this AWESOME 4x4 by Jennifer Roger-Daniels

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2 friends said:

Ann said...

love them day I'm just going to have a go at a 4X4.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including my 4x4, Mel. This was a GREAT swap to do, and I encourage everyone to try a 4x4. Not much more than an ATC, but you can get so much more in. Lots of creative fun.