Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kewpies in Candyland, Spring Challenge and Swap!

Kewpie's Soiree!
Who doesn't love Kewpie's? I just adore their timeless and whimsical look, now mix that with sugar, spice and everything nice and boom, I was inspired to create this trio of Kewpie goodies using wonderful PID supplies.
Kewpie's Captured Jelly Bean! 3Kewpie's Captured Jelly Bean! 4
The first is called: Kewpie's Captured Jelly Bean, a small assemblage using a plastic jelly bean shaped candy case, shredded book pages, and PID supplies!
Kewpie's Captured Jelly Bean! 2
-Jelly bean candy case or plastic egg case
-Shredded paper
-Crepe paper
-Small wedding pearl garland
-Cupcake image (hand drawn or PID Cupcake collage sheet)
-PID Designer Valentine Sheet #553 or PID Kewpie Collage Sheet
-Piece of scrap card stock (to layer image on)
-Stickles: Sequin color, PID site
-Irridescent pink glitter, any variety
-Hot glue, hot glue sticks, regular glue stick
-Other: sequins, chenille stem bits, frozen charlotte head!

1.Crumble shredded paper into a ball with palms of your hand, slightly pull apart and hot glue to the inside of the plastic jelly bean.

2.Cut out image of Kewpie, layer onto scrap of card stock using glue stick, let dry, then re-cut. This makes your image sturdy and durable.

3. Now either draw and paint a cupcake image onto cardstock or cut and layer a cupcake collage image, hot glue to top of Kewpie's head, swipe glue stick over cupcake image, sprinkle with irredescent glitter, shake off, now hot glue Kewpie on top of shredded paper.
4. Embellished with a small crepe paper bow, pipe cleaner bit, stickles and small pearl garland. Decorate the top of the other plastic jelly bean with a frozen charlotte doll head or another Kewpie collage image, tie with ribbon is optional.
Kewpie's Captured Jelly Bean! 5
Tips, Tricks:
-Cover the whole outside jellybean with glitter
-Decorate the two jelly bean halves with images.
-Use a frozen charlotte doll from PID instead of the Kewpie Image.

In this next photo is my ATC for the Kewpie ATC Swap in the Paper Imagery Group!
Kewpie in Candyland ATC Swap!

To make this I used a basic atc shape of 3 1/2 by 2 1/2 layered with a book page, trimmed to size, painted on stripes and candies, then layered on a Kewpie image from PID collage Sheet #553, embellished with a handpainted cupcake, trims, stickles, crepe paper and found objects.

Tips, Tricks:
-Try other collage images from PID for the main image on the atc.
-Create an atc shadow box using a frozen charlotte doll or Kewpie Image.

I hope you are inspired to take a journey to visit Kewpie in Candyland!
Magic and Joy!

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Angie Hall Haviland said...

So SWEET, Lisa!!

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So Sweet!...Love the jelly bean and all the adorable kewpies...

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Thanks so much, I'm editing the other images now to upload.
Magic and Joy!

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OMG!!! Just toooooooooooo cute!!!!