Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kewpie ATC's Using PID supplies!

Kewpies on Parade!
I wanted to share with you four more ATC's from the Kewpie Swap I took part in at Paper Imagery Designs. You have to make 5 and you get 5 back. These 4 atc's are a bit different then the one I posted a week ago and are more 3 dimensional, I just had to share this project with you, so you can make some as well.
Queen Bee Kewpie 5!Queen Bee Kewpie 2!
-Chipboard slab sheet (perfect for ATCS)(PID)
-Paper Imagery Collage Sheet(PID): Kewpies #246
-Scrapbook paper of choice
-Dresden trim: light Blue German Foil Scrap(Serrated Border)(PID)
-Stickles: Tiara color (PID)
-Fine silver glitter
-Tacky Tape 1/4 thickness (PID)
-Blue green Tulle Scraps
-Acrylic paints: cloud, black, yellow
-Lettering to read: Queen Bee Kewpie
-Hot Glue, hot glue sticks
-Regular glue stick
-Needle and thread

1. Measure 3 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches onto the chipboard slab, cut, make a total of 5.
Then roll a few coats of glue using a regular glue stick to on side of the cut chipboard, place onto scrapbook paper of choice, trim to fit cut chipboard.
2. Either paint stripes to back ground or leave alone.
3. Cut out Kewpie images, glue to a piece of scrapbook paper, re-cut, set aside.
4. Now cut 5 strips of tulle into 2inch thickness, then Thread a needle with ordinary threading, and quickly slipstitch the long side of the tulle together to form a skirt. (See image for example)
5. Attach sewn tulle to Kewpies, one at a time. Then hot glue to the scrapbook covered chipboard, using hot glue.
6. Peel back tacky tape and place along the border of the base cut, sprinkle with silver glitter, gently tap off excess. If not use tiara stickles in place of the tacky tape and glitter.
7. With a pencil outline the head of the kewpie and the upper body. Draw a bodice. Fill in the bodice with stripes of black and yellow paint to form a bee pattern. paint in outlined head top with yello paint, add antennah's if desired.
8. Embellish with dresden trim, lettering and more glitter.Queen Bee Kewpie!Queen Bee Kewpie 4!
Tips and Tricks:
-Replace Tulle with Crepe Paper
-Instead of making an ATC, turn your Kewpie and tulle piece into a doll, attach to a wooden block.
-Use Rangers Sticky Back Canvas as the background instead of the scrapbook paper. You can find the STicky Back Canvas on the Paper Imagery Website (PID)

I hope my Kewpies inspired you to make a batch of your own.

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8 friends said:

AlteredByMe said...


Your Kewpies are awesome. I wish I would have joined the swap!


Angie Hall Haviland said...

These are PRECIOUS, Lisa!!

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks so much, So glad I joined teh Kewpie Swap, It looks like Kewpie Land in my studio, LOL! This collage sheet is wonderful!

Dragonlady said...

Your Kewpies are really Cuties!
I love how they look....great tutorial also..

Anonymous said...

I love your kewpies! I am soooo glad I'm in that swap!

Patzee said...

What delightful Kewpies!! I'm so happy to see the tulle being used on your ATC.

Lori Roberts said...

These are just adorable!!!!!

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