Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Wall Hanging

"Spring A Time for New Beginings"

It may seem a little early for some of you to be thinking of Spring but here in Florida the temps are already hitting the 80's. Here is a 6 x 6 wall hanging that I made for the occasion.

Blank 6 x 6 wooden wall hanging
Acrylic Paint
Crackle Medium
Distress Ink
Alphabet Stamps
Flower Stamps
Sequin Waste stencil
vintage dictionary page
optional fine grit sand paper
small tag
Image Sheet Liselle # 562
Clock Transparency # 192
Bird Nest Sheet # 434
Bird Image
Butterfly Image
Beads + Wire for Hanger

1) Sand and gesso the wood blank and paint with acrylic paint . Brush on a coat of crackle medium and let dry. Paint over crackle medium with a contrasting color of acrylic paint. A thick layer of acrylic paint will give you large crackles. A thin layer of paint will give you a fine crackles.

2) Cut out all images and stamp words onto a piece of vintage sheet music or a dictionary page. Arrange your images, moving them around so you can find the most pleasing composition. Put images aside for now.

3) Take a dictionary page and cut a pile of very narrow strips. I used the page where the definition of spring was so all of my little strips have words symbolic of spring.
Layer the strips of paper on the lower half of your wood blank and glue down with a glue stick.

4) Stamp three or four flowers onto the background using either ink or acrylic paint. I used acrylic paint on mine but you may use a permanent ink if your not comfortable stamping with paint. Draw in some flower stems and leaves with a permanent marker.

My flowers look a little bright for my background at this point so I took a piece of fine grit sand paper and lightly sanded some of the paint down to give it a more distressed look. I then brushed a light layer of gesso over the top portion of my background.

5) Use your sequin waste as a stencil using distress ink in your color of choice to fill in some of the empty background.

6) Glue the word time to a small tag and distress.

7) Once your happy with your background glue down your images and outline them with charcoal pencil if you desire.

8) Place the small tag with the word "time" down on your background. Glue it down then place the clock transparency over it with the tag showing through in a clear area of the transparency. Glue the transparency down using a glue that dries clear.

9) Glue the words down and highlight key points such as the "A " with a circle of gesso.

10) If you desire add some small dots around the edges and along the sides of the wooden blank

11) Twist your wire through the holes at the top and string some beads on it and your done.

Thanks for looking !

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10 friends said:

Linda Cain said...

Adorable! Colors of Spring!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

Just PRECIOUS, Arlene!! I'm sure enjoying Spring here in Texas!

Ann said...

Love it....I feel spring in the air!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Yep, feeling spring. Even after Friday's snow...some buds on trees, some early bulbs starting to poke up...your piece says all that.

bloubell said...

This is so sweet and thankyou for the tutorial for this piece, it is really beautiful and love all the elements.

Moniqui said...

Pretty!! We are finally having some sunshine over here,i cant wait for end off hailstorms!

Wanda H said...

Fabulous, Arlene!!!

Lori Roberts said...

Ah very Springy!!! Isn't it nice to have warm weather now!

MizCarla said...

aww this is a lovely piece miz Arlene!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful....but do you know that beginnings is spelled with three n's?